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At Mirin Building Systems, we believe that high-performance products and personalized service should never be far from home. We design and build projects nationwide. Our estimating team is conveniently located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, working closely with our in-house service representatives to manage the success of your project from the moment it comes through the door to final delivery—we will get it done and we will not let you down.


Advantages of Metal Buildings

What are Metal Buildings?

A steel building is a building structure composed of steel completely from interior support to external cladding and design.

Metal buildings and steel building kits are one of the most commonly used building structures today. When it comes to structural integrity, weather resistance, and build quality, metal buildings are what overtake any other building type. Metal building kits are also the most economical way to build because of the weight to strength ratio of steel.

No matter whether you’re looking for an industrial building or a residential or commercial clear span steel structure for quick and easy setup and working, metal buildings are the way to go. In fact, at Mirin Construction Management Consulting Services, you’re going to get the best metal building kits and structure for all purposes at the best prices.


Due to the daily changes in steel pricing, contact us directly for an accurate pricing model.

The polyvinyl coating on the outside of every metal panel does not allow new paint to be added. There are numerous color options on our MBCI Color Chart for our panels and doors. 

The commercial-grade steel columns are anchored to a large concrete block to keep the building standing, even in hurricane-force winds. 

We get asked this all of the time. The answer is that in the majority of situations, yes, a steel building kit will be less expensive than building with wood. Several things can affect the price of building like design, local building codes, and the features of the property it is being built on. 

Benefits of Metal Buildings

The Best Part of Metal Buidlings

Roof Lifespan

A typical metal building roof lifespan is 50+ years, which can easily stretch to 100+ with proper inspections!

Faster Construction

The average metal building construction time is 30% faster than traditional construction.


Pre-engineered metal buildings have near 0% construction waste and are completely recyclable.

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