Mirin Building Systems specializes in providing custom steel medical buildings tailored to your specific project requirements. Whether you require a compact physician’s office or an expansive hospital facility, Mirin Building Systems delivers steel building construction solutions that exceed your expectations. Our metal healthcare building options are also suitable for:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Dental Offices
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Long-Term Care Facilities


With the robustness of steel framing, you can design your healthcare facility with open spaces, high ceilings, and more.




Compared to conventional construction, metal healthcare buildings offer superior resilience, design versatility, and cost savings.

Clear-Span Capabilities: Steel framing enables clear-spans of up to 70ft, providing flexibility for partitioning the interior layout based on your needs rather than structural limitations.

Durability: Steel offers unparalleled strength and reliability. It is more resistant to damage from extreme weather conditions compared to traditional building materials. Our custom steel medical buildings are also impervious to insect damage, and their low-maintenance design helps save time and money throughout the building’s lifespan.

Design Flexibility: Our pre-engineered medical facilities offer design versatility to create a practical and visually appealing space that caters to your practice’s needs. Personalize both the interior and exterior to ensure patients feel comfortable while receiving the care they need.

Cost Savings: The pre-engineered design of our buildings helps save money throughout the building’s life. Each metal building component arrives on-site, ready for installation, reducing construction time and costs.

Sustainability: Steel is a highly sustainable option compared to traditional building materials. Our steel consists of 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable at the end of your building’s life, reducing landfill waste.




Our metal healthcare buildings can be designed to suit your functional and aesthetic preferences. Further tailor the structure of your pre-engineered medical facility to accommodate additional loads, high ceilings, mezzanines, and other architectural features. Benefit from the flexibility to expand as your business grows, thanks to the versatile modular design of our metal buildings.

Exterior: The exterior of our metal healthcare buildings supports a range of conventional wall systems, including metal panels, brick, stucco, tilt-up, or CCMU, allowing for complete customization. We offer metal wall and roof panels in various styles, profiles, and colors to bring your vision to life, ranging from neutral to bold shades.

Choose from an array of metal building accessories to enhance the functionality and curb appeal of your healthcare facility. Add door canopies to the exterior of your facility to create sheltered patient pickup and drop-off areas. To protect your custom steel medical building, consider adding eave extensions to channel water away from structural components and down the building.

Interior: With the strength of steel framing, enjoy unparalleled design flexibility to customize the interior design and layout to suit your functional and aesthetic requirements. Our pre-engineered medical facilities can accommodate column-free spaces up to 300ft, enabling you to partition the interior into various designated areas, such as offices, hospital rooms, operating rooms, waiting rooms, kitchens, dining areas, gift shops, and more. Our complex structures can support loads, making it easy to add a dropped ceiling for a homely feel for your patients.

We offer a variety of metal liner panel styles, profiles, and colors to add a contemporary touch to the interior of your prefab steel hospital building. Choose from a range of metal building accessories to complete the interior of your space, such as personnel doors, windows, light-transmitting panels, and more.