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Compared to traditional building materials, steel is a durable, low maintenance and cost-efficient choice. Learn more about the benefits of choosing steel for your office building.

Clear-Span Capabilities – With the strength of steel framing, our metal building systems can be designed to accommodate up to 300ft. of column free space.

Design Flexibility – Enjoy superior design flexibility to customize the interior and exterior of your prefab office building to meet your needs. Their modular design makes them easy to expand as your business grows. 

Durability – Steel offers superior strength and durability compared to traditional building materials. It’s resistant to damage from insects and won’t warp, rot or decay like wood. The low maintenance design of our steel office buildings translates to cost savings for your business. 

Cost Savings – Our steel building systems deliver cost savings. Their prefabricated design shortens construction time, saving you money. The durability of our steel office buildings allows you to save time and money on maintenance. 

Sustainability – Our buildings are manufactured from steel that’s composed of 25% recycled content. The steel components of your office building are 100% recyclable at the end of your building’s life, reducing the amount of materials sent to the landfill.


We’ll work with you to design a custom metal office space that fits your requirements. Our metal building systems can be designed with high ceilings and a clear span of up to 300ft., allowing for a flexible interior layout. The steel framing is designed to accommodate additional loads for a dropped ceiling, sprinkler system and more. Our prefab modular office buildings are easily expandable so your building can grow with your business. 


Customize the exterior of your metal office building to fit your brand image. Our steel structures are designed to support conventional wall systems including metal panels, brick, stucco, tilt-up or CCMU. Choose from our broad selection of metal panel styles and profiles to complete the exterior of your building. We also offer a variety of metal panel colors from neutral to bold, allowing you to achieve the look you desire. 

To add functionality and appeal to the exterior of your steel office building, consider door canopies and eave extensions. Door canopies offer your employees protection from the elements when they step outside. Eave extensions protect the integrity of your building by helping guide water away from its structure. 


With the flexibility of clear span framing, you can customize the interior layout to fit your needs without having to worry about load bearing walls. Partition the interior to create designated spaces for: 


Conference Rooms 


Break Room 



We can also design high ceiling clearances to accommodate multiple stories.  For extra space and dimensionality inside your building, add a mezzanine. Our steel framing is designed to accommodate the load of a dropped ceiling for a more traditional feel. To save money and add a modern touch, leave the steel beams exposed instead. 

Choose from a variety of metal liner panel styles, profiles and colors to add a finishing touch to the interior of your metal office building. We offer a variety of accessories to add functionality to your prefabricated office building including personnel doors, windows, light transmitting panels and wall lights.