why steel is the best choice

When considering a building solution, it’s essential to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of various construction methods. At Mirin Building Systems, we advocate for the use of steel due to its numerous advantages over stick-built, structural steel, and tilt-up construction methods.

Steel vs. Stick-Built

Stick-built construction is commonly seen in barns, garages, and homes, utilizing lumber as the primary material. However, steel buildings offer several advantages over stick-built structures, including:

  1. Higher Durability: Steel buildings far exceed stick-built in terms of durability due to the strength of the material used.
  2. Enhanced Precision: With modern technological advancements, steel buildings offer more precise solutions tailored to your needs, while stick-built lacks such flexibility.
  3. Cost-Friendly: Steel buildings can be more affordable because their materials are often purchased in bulk and remain consistent across projects.
  4. Quick Construction: Steel buildings can be erected faster because their components are pre-fabricated, saving valuable time.


Steel vs. Structural Steel

Structural steel construction can be more expensive and time-consuming compared to steel buildings:

  1. Budget-Friendly: Steel buildings are more cost-effective compared to structural steel.
  2. Ease of Design: Structural steel requires ground-up design, whereas steel buildings can be pre-fabricated, offering numerous design options.
  3. Materials: Structural steel needs to be cut, bolted, and punched on-site, while steel buildings can be pre-engineered.
  4. Expansion: Pre-engineered steel buildings are designed with expansion in mind, making them easier to expand than structural steel structures.


Steel vs. Tilt-Up

Concrete tilt-up buildings have certain limitations that steel buildings can easily overcome:

  1. Lightweight: Steel buildings are lightweight and easily assembled on-site, whereas concrete tilt-up structures are heavier and more challenging to work with.
  2. Construction Time: The drying time required for concrete tilt-up buildings prolongs each construction phase, while steel buildings can be worked on continuously.
  3. Cheaper: Steel is more cost-effective than concrete, making steel buildings the ideal choice for budget-conscious projects.
  4. Design Flexibility: Steel buildings offer greater design flexibility compared to concrete designs, which require specialized expertise and advanced tools and equipment.


By choosing steel for your Mirin Building Systems project, you’ll benefit from the numerous advantages that steel buildings offer, including durability, precision, cost-effectiveness, and rapid construction.