Educational Buildings

Mirin Building Systems specializes in custom-engineered metal buildings, crafting functional, versatile, attractive, and durable solutions for educational facilities. Our technology-driven solutions and product innovations enable us to offer endless design options, allowing you to create premium-quality school buildings such as classrooms, cafeterias, offices, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and other additions. Our custom metal educational buildings combine your project vision with the cost-effectiveness of pre-engineered steel, one of the strongest and sturdiest construction materials on the market, ensuring the longevity of your educational building for years to come.

Partner with Mirin Building Systems to design a steel school building that provides a safe and welcoming learning environment. Some of the numerous benefits we offer include:

  • Single-source provider for the design and manufacturing of structural systems, Class A structural framing, wall, and roofing products and accessories
  • Steel packages compatible with conventional roof and wall systems or metal roof and wall systems
  • Buildings suitable for classrooms, conference rooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and administrative offices
  • Impressive selection of architectural roofing systems in a variety of attractive colors
  • Interior and exterior design options for aesthetically appealing and functional buildings




There are several reasons to choose steel over traditional building materials for your next school or educational building project, including durability, cost savings, and more:

  • Durability: Our low maintenance steel educational buildings offer cost savings, superior strength, and durability compared to other building materials. They resist damage from corrosion, mold, and pests.
  • Cost Savings: Our prefab steel school building system provides both short- and long-term cost savings, delivering increased longevity with minimal maintenance.
  • Speed of Construction: Our prefabricated steel buildings are quick to assemble, saving time and money on construction. Building components are custom-engineered using advanced technology, ready for installation upon arrival at the construction site.
  • Design Flexibility and Adaptability: Our metal educational buildings offer superior architectural and design flexibility, accommodating a wide range of applications. Customize the exterior and interior to create the ideal learning environment, and easily expand your metal educational facility as your student body grows.
  • Environmentally Sustainable Option: Steel is a highly sustainable option compared to traditional building materials. Our steel buildings contain over 25% recycled steel and are 100% recyclable. They are also compatible with energy-efficient insulation systems, allowing you to reduce energy costs.
  • Clear-Span Capabilities: Clear span structures can be custom-designed to meet specific building requirements. The strength of steel framing allows our metal building systems to offer up to 300 feet of column-free space to accommodate the needs of your students and faculty.




Mirin Building System’s steel buildings provide school districts with flexible and cost-effective solutions to serve students, faculty, and the community alike. Our prefab steel educational buildings can be customized for all levels of education to meet your school’s specific needs, whether constructing a new gymnasium or providing additional classrooms for a rapidly growing student population.

Our prefabricated steel school buildings are custom-engineered to fit your project’s requirements and comply with all building codes and regulations. They are available in any size to meet your needs. Design flexibility allows customization of exteriors and interiors without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Our modular designs are extremely flexible and versatile, offering quick and easy expansion for existing metal buildings.

Exterior: Customize the exterior of your metal building to suit functional and aesthetic requirements. Our metal structures support various conventional wall systems, including metal panels, brick, stucco, tilt-up, or CCMU. We offer a wide variety of metal panel styles, profiles, and colors to create a welcoming learning environment and foster school pride.

We provide various metal building accessories to customize your project to meet students and faculty needs, including canopies, facades, mansard systems, wall light systems, LTPs, windows, doors, and ridge vents. For instance, adding door and hallway canopies offers shade and protection from the elements when students are outside, while strategically placed windows bring sunlight into classrooms, creating an ideal learning environment for students.

Interior: Metal buildings offer design flexibility, allowing you to customize the interior layout and design to create a conducive learning environment. With the strength of clear span framing, you can partition the interior to fit your needs without worrying about load-bearing walls. You can also request high ceilings to create multifunctional rooms for extracurricular activities. Well-placed mezzanines can maximize interior space and add visual appeal. Additionally, we offer partition walls to create various spaces within your facility, such as offices, classrooms, storage space, teachers’ lounges, custodial closets, and more.

For a modern look, we provide numerous metal liner panel styles and profiles to complete your school building’s interior. Choose from a wide variety of metal liner panel colors to match your school colors and enhance school pride.

To start the quote process or learn more about our custom metal educational buildings, please contact us at 877-391-4101