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Mirin Building Systems’s steel building solutions are suited to serve a variety of factory, industrial and manufacturing applications, including water treatment plants, power plants, manufacturing facilities, assembly plants, steel mills, factories, breweries and petrochemical facilities.

Our experts can develop a custom-engineered steel or hybrid design to accommodate piping loads, air handling systems, racking loads, mezzanine systems, heavy crane systems and more, including:

A wide array of custom-engineered or Class A conventional framing systems for structures requiring heavy piping loads, mezzanines, roof loads, HVAC units and cranes of all classifications

Hammerhead columns or bracketed support, crane beams and rail support for almost any size and service requirement

Custom-engineered and conventional bracing systems

Conventional and metal roofing systems that are available and compatible with almost any manufacturing or industrial project

Value-engineering services on design-build applications