Custom Metal Church & Worship Buildings

Our steel church buildings can be tailored to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements. Our skilled team designs and manufactures highly complex building systems to accommodate various loads and architectural features. The modular design of metal buildings provides flexibility for expansion as your religious community grows.

Exterior Customizations

Metal worship buildings offer exceptional design flexibility to satisfy the aesthetic and functional requirements of your project. Customize the exterior of your worship center to inspire your community. Choose from a wide range of traditional finishes to conceal the industrial appearance of metal. With metal worship buildings, you get the durability and strength of steel without compromising aesthetics.

We provide metal panels in various styles and profiles. Choose from a broad selection of colors to personalize the exterior of your metal worship building.

Interior Customizations

Metal buildings offer design flexibility, allowing you to customize the interior layout and design. With the strength of clear-span framing, you can partition the interior to suit your needs without worrying about load-bearing walls. You can also opt for high ceilings to create the stunning worship space you desire. Add extra space and dimension to the interior with a mezzanine. Our structures are designed for loads, making it easy to incorporate a drop ceiling for a more traditional interior.

Mirin Building Systems offers partition walls that can be used to create various spaces within your facility, including offices, classrooms, storage spaces, and more. Choose from a range of building accessories, such as personnel doors, windows, light transmitting panels, and wall lights, to complete your building’s interior. Steel enables high ceiling designs, helping you create the beautiful worship space you have envisioned.