Discover Exceptional Steel Warehouse and Distribution Center Solutions with Mirin Building Systems

Mirin Building Systems offers pre-engineered steel warehouse buildings and distribution centers tailored to your project requirements. Our metal building systems provide durability and design flexibility, ensuring your storage and production needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Exceptional Durability of Steel Warehouse Buildings

Mirin Building Systems’ metal warehouse buildings utilize durable, long-lasting steel products. With the robustness of steel, you can trust that your inventory is well-protected. Our steel warehouse facilities and distribution centers offer unmatched durability due to steel’s inherent strength and longevity. Unlike wood or other conventional building materials, steel buildings are less susceptible to damage from termites, weather, or fire. Our metal building systems are the ideal solution for your warehousing needs.

Expansive Clear Spans for Large Warehouses

Warehouses and distribution centers often require open spaces for efficient transportation and management of products and inventory. Our proprietary Long Bay system delivers vast unobstructed interior spaces while minimizing design costs and accelerating construction. Our system features a patented, fully tested cold-formed joist that spans up to 70 feet, allowing for bays measuring up to 50 feet. With the clear span capabilities of our prefab distribution center, enjoy up to 300 feet of unobstructed space, providing more flexibility for standard warehouse operations such as storing and moving inventory with large machinery.

Interested in our Long Bay system? Learn more about our solution for wide span building needs!

Customizable Metal Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Our steel warehouse buildings and distribution centers offer extensive design flexibility, making them ideal for addressing your storage and production requirements. Customize your metal warehouse and distribution center to meet your design and functional specifications.

Mirin Building Systems can design custom warehouses to support additional loads for sprinkler systems, ceiling cranes, and more. We also offer high ceilings to accommodate more inventory. Our metal warehouse buildings’ modular design allows for easy expansion in the future.

Exterior Customization

Customize the exterior of our metal building systems to match your precise design and aesthetic vision for your new warehouse. Our metal structures can support various conventional wall systems, including metal panels, brick, stucco, tilt-up, or CCMU. We offer a variety of metal panel styles and profiles to complete your warehouse or distribution facility’s exterior.

Choose from a wide selection of metal panel colors to personalize your metal building. Whether you need to match your logo colors or help your metal warehouse blend in with the surrounding environment, we can help find a color that suits your needs.

Add functionality and appeal with building accessories such as door canopies and eave extensions. In addition to improving your building’s appearance, door canopies provide shade and protection from the elements, while eave extensions help guide water down the building to prevent moisture damage.

Interior Customization

Metal buildings offer design flexibility, allowing you to customize the interior layout and design. Clear span framing enables you to configure the layout to suit your needs without worrying about load-bearing walls. Steel framing’s strength also allows for high ceilings, which are ideal for accommodating vertical inventory storage and maximizing space.

We provide metal liner panels in various styles, profiles, and colors to add a finishing touch to your warehouse or distribution facility’s interior. These panels are perfect for protecting the insulation system from damage by heavy machinery. We also offer partition walls that can be used to create diverse spaces within your facility, including offices, inventory storage, manufacturing, and more. Choose from an assortment of personnel doors, windows, light transmitting panels, and wall lights to complete your steel warehouse.

Choose Mirin Building Systems for Your Warehouses

With over 75 years of industry experience, Mirin Building Systems delivers best-in-class building products where and when you need them. Our commitment to service excellence has been built by consistently exceeding expectations—we will get the job done, and we will not let you down. Connect with a district manager to learn more about how our metal warehouse buildings and distribution centers are the perfect solution for your next project!

At Mirin Building Systems, we are dedicated to providing our clients with top-quality metal building solutions that meet their unique needs. Our extensive experience in the industry enables us to develop highly customized and efficient steel warehouses and distribution centers for a variety of applications.

From the initial design phase to the final touches, our team works closely with you to ensure your building is tailored to your specifications. With our wide range of customization options and expert guidance, you can trust that your metal building will not only be functional but also visually appealing.

As you embark on your next warehouse or distribution center project, consider partnering with Mirin Building Systems. Our expertise, commitment to service excellence, and innovative metal building solutions make us the ideal choice for your warehousing needs.

To begin discussing your project and exploring our metal building offerings, contact a sales representative by filling out our online form. Let Mirin Building Systems help you create the perfect steel warehouse or distribution center to support your business’s growth and success. We look forward to working with you!