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The last few years have proven that weather in the United States is truly unpredictable. From hurricanes in the Gulf to snowstorms in the Northeast, this rise in damaging weather events affects everyone in the area, especially growers. Natural disasters have a deep impact on the agricultural industry as they can wipe out hundreds of acres of crops, affecting yield and eventually affecting business for months, or even years. Because of this uncertainty, more growers are turning to indoor grow facilities to house their operations in a stable and predictable environment. 

Pre-engineered metal buildings are perfectly suited for indoor grow facilities for many reasons. Read more to learn how Mirin Building System’s best-in-class metal building products are the right fit for your customers’ grow operation. 


A very humid environment is required for a grow room, and a Mirin Building Systems pre-engineered metal building can stand up to this intense and demanding condition. Unlike wood, steel will not rot, does not facilitate mold growth, and is not susceptible to damage from insects. Metal also stands tough against inclement weather, including wind, rain, snow and seismic events. Our metal building systems are tried-and-true with proven quality and performance, so your customers can have peace of mind that their grow operation is well-protected. 

Quick Construction Time  

Mirin Building Systems metal buildings are not only easy to erect, they are also delivered quickly. And sourcing a metal building from a single partner like Mirin Building Systems instead of sourcing individual components from several vendors can further improve the speed of building erection by ensuring code-compliance of all provided materials, material accuracy and compatibility, minimal site disruption and more. Our national reach, with manufacturing facilities across the country, ensure you will have the fastest delivery possible of your metal building. 

Large Clear Span Space  

In a grow operation, it can be months until a crop turns a yield. Because of this, maximum space is required for efficient growth. Mirin Building Systems’s Long Bay® System offers clear-span framing widths of up to 70 feet, and is custom-engineered to accommodate structures requiring expanded areas of open space. In a business where every square foot counts, you can count on Mirin Building Systems’s Long Bay® System to give your customer maximum capacity. 

Cost Efficiency  

Pre-engineered metal buildings from Mirin Building Systems are a better investment both upon purchase and throughout the building lifespan. Not only does steel offer savings in the cost of the building itself, but also savings in construction site and labor, lowers climate control costs, reduces insurance premiums and are almost maintenance free.  


Going with a metal building system reduces the impact of waste in the environment, as metal is completely recyclable at the end of its life. Metal roofs and walls are an excellent choice when building with sustainability goals in mind, which is why green metal products are prevalent in building codes and standards. 

The long lifespan of metal buildings helps reduce usage of raw materials that are used for new builds and maintain existing ones. Also, going with steel helps conserve natural resources, reducing environmental impacts. Steel components are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, minimizing the waste that ends up in a landfill.  

To make your steel grow facility even more sustainable, you can consider selecting cool metal roof colors that reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it. Also, our metal building products easily integrate with other building products, such as solar panels.  

Our tried-and-true products are not the only thing that distinguishes us: our commitment to service excellence differentiates us as well. Let Mirin Building Systems provide you with the materials you need to begin building your grow room. We will get it done, and we will not let you down. 

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