Experience Unrivaled Grow Facilities with Mirin Building Systems

The unpredictable weather in the United States, including hurricanes in the Gulf and snowstorms in the Northeast, has had a profound impact on growers. With natural disasters threatening crops and businesses, more growers are turning to indoor grow facilities for a stable and controlled environment.

Mirin Building Systems’ pre-engineered metal buildings are the ideal solution for indoor grow facilities, offering numerous advantages tailored to your needs. Discover why our best-in-class metal buildings are the perfect fit for your grow operation.

Exceptional Durability

Indoor grow facilities demand a humid environment, and Mirin Building Systems’ pre-engineered metal buildings are designed to withstand such challenging conditions. Steel is resistant to rot, mold growth, and insect damage, unlike wood. It also endures inclement weather, including wind, rain, snow, and seismic events. With our proven quality and performance, you can trust that your grow operation is well-protected.

Fast Construction Time

Our metal buildings are not only easy to erect but also delivered promptly. Choosing Mirin Building Systems as your single partner ensures code compliance, material accuracy, compatibility, and minimal site disruption. Our manufacturing facilities across the country guarantee the fastest possible delivery of your metal building.

Expansive Clear Span Space

Efficient growth in a grow operation requires maximum space. Mirin Building Systems’ Long Bay® System offers clear-span framing widths of up to 70 feet, custom-engineered to accommodate structures with large open spaces. Make the most of every square foot with our Long Bay® System.

Cost Efficiency

Mirin Building Systems’ pre-engineered metal buildings are a smart investment, offering savings on building costs, construction site and labor expenses, climate control, insurance premiums, and maintenance.


Metal building systems reduce environmental impact and waste, as metal is entirely recyclable at the end of its life. Green metal products are prevalent in building codes and standards due to their sustainable nature. Steel conserves natural resources and minimizes waste in landfills. To further enhance sustainability, consider cool metal roof colors that reflect the sun’s heat and integrate solar panels with our metal building products.

Service Excellence

Our commitment to service excellence sets us apart. Trust Mirin Building Systems to provide the materials you need for your grow facility. We’ll get the job done and exceed your expectations.