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Mirin Building Systems Approach

Direct Sales

We offer our Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings to General Contractors, Developers and End Users. Some clients already have Pad Sites under construction and just need a building, we offer several delivery systems for all clients.

Find comfort in the thought that there is someone there to tackle every obstacle your project may face. From regulations and specifications, to construction and installation, Mirin Construction Management & Mirin Building Systems is there every step of the way.
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Design Deliver

If you have plans available, we can design the building to your specific plans which will meet or exceed your local building codes. If you already have an engineering team working on your project and you do not need structural foundation plans for your specific location, we will provide the following;

  • Anchor Bolt Plans which will include all locations and depths for your anchor bolts for your project
  • Engineered Sealed Drawings that meet or exceed your local building codes
  • Erection Plans which will show how to assemble your building as per the manufacture’s recommendations. Any deviation from these plans could possibly void your warranty if your erection contractor is not a licensed erector for Pre-Engineered Buildings
  • All materials will be included in your order to erect your building.
  • Your BOM will include a list of quantities in your order
  • Prior to Shakeout we will provide personal onsite for the delivery date to assure all material deliveries are in tact and nothing is missing from your order. Your erection crew will need to be onsite to shake out the materials.
  • There will be several delivery days, Structural components and Insulation and panels
  • All building and roof panels will be on your building elevation plans so there are no mistakes with the orders

Design Deliver & Erect

If you do not have an erection crew, we will provide everything above in Design Deliver and we will erect your building with a certified erection crew who is licensed in your state.

You will have a building cost and an erection cost in your bid.

Design Build Services for a Shell Building

Our team at Mirin Building Systems will:

  • Work with you for a complete design of your building
  • Sit with you via a Teams Meeting and discuss your goals and how you want your building designed
  • Design your structural foundations along with your building slab and provide you with Stamped Engineered drawings that will meet all local building codes
  • Prepare a conceptual drawing for your building so it fits the functionality of your business needs
  • Design the structural envelope of your building and you will receive a full set of sealed drawings for your building envelope which will meet or exceed all building codes for your specific area
  • You will need to provide us with all MEP drawings and have this work completed for any underground infrastructure within the building envelope
  • Supply and install your Foundations and Slab for your building
  • Erect your building as per plans and specifications in our agreement which will include all Structural Steel, Insulation, Wall panels and Roofing System
  • Provide and install your roof drainage system along with all downspouts
  • Install all Overhead Doors, Man Doors and Windows for your building
  • If you have a local concrete contractor you work with, we will not include this scope of work in our Building Costs

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