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Mirin Building Systems offers multi-purpose, custom-engineered metal agricultural buildings designed to protect your valuable assets, including hay, livestock, dairy animals, equipment, heavy machinery and more. Steel agricultural buildings have replaced traditional wooden post-frame buildings as the best and most economical choice for modern agricultural operations.  

Our buildings are a perfect solution for small to large-complex agricultural applications. Whether you are investing in new construction, rebuilding, or expanding, Mirin Building Systems Building Systems offers customizable agricultural steel buildings that are reliable, durable and cost-effective. 

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Durable Agricultural Buildings   

Compared to other building materials, steel offers superior strength and durability you can count on to protect your most valuable assets, from cattle and crops to heavy machinery. Steel agricultural buildings are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily agricultural operations. They are also resistant against corrosion and provide protection from damage caused by termites, carpenter ants, and other pests. 

Cost-Efficient Solutions  

Farm operations run on tight profit margins therefore need to find long-lasting and economical solutions for their every need and that includes the structures designed to support their business. Steel agricultural buildings provide superior return-on-investment and a much longer lifespan than traditional farm and ranch buildings.  

Our steel agricultural buildings offer numerous short- and long-term economic advantages with minimal maintenance, allowing you to cut out costly upkeep repairs. The longevity and extended life of steel buildings will also save you time and money, allowing you to instead invest in your farming operation instead of worrying about a replacement structure prematurely. 

Custom Metal Agricultural Buildings  

Mirin Building Systems’s metal agricultural buildings offer superior architectural and design flexibility to accommodate many different applications. Whether you are building a dairy farm or a riding arena, our customizations ensure that your applications’ needs are met. Customize the interior and exterior of your building to meet design requirements, functional needs and local codes.  

Exterior Customizations  

Customize the exterior of your metal building by choosing from a variety of metal roof and wall panel styles, profiles, and colors to promote functionality and aesthetic appeal. Choose from a full line of insulated metal roof and wall panel systems that are attractive, lightweight, sturdy and durable. They offer reliable thermal performance and insulation continuity to protect what is most important—your livestock, crops, feed, and equipment. 

Our pre-engineered agricultural buildings can be designed with many different accessories to accommodate several openings and clearances including second-floor mezzanines, mansard systems, and walk-through and roll-up doors. The steel structure can also be adjusted to easily accommodate renovations or additions as your needs change.  

Interior Customizations  

Metal buildings offer design flexibility so you can customize the interior layout and design to create unique spaces for crops, machinery, livestock and other agricultural assets. Modify your steel barn with different interior liner panels and partitions styles, available in a variety of attractive colors. Enjoy the flexibility to adapt your space with partitions to create stalls, storage spaces and equipment rooms within the confines of your agricultural building. 

Clear span framing allows for column-free interiors in your steel agricultural building. This allows for complete customization of the interior layout to meet the requirements of your intended application. Column-free buildings allow you to use your space freely to house more farm animals and maneuver and store tractors and combines.  

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